01 4 / 2012

I thought I’d write a little about why my doctor put me on Low Dose Naltrexone and what it does.

Many years ago a doctor noticed that women who were put on naltrexone for heroin addiction were getting pregnant very easily. This lead him to try naltrexone in women with infertility where he had good results.

Infertility has been proven to be an endorphin deficient state.

What naltrexone does is for a few hours during the night, your body thinks it has no endorphins and therefore gets to work at producing more, giving you a higher amount if endorphins each day.

It’s cheap, and has very little adverse side effects.

For me I have had wonderful side effects! Instead of over emotional, I feel very level headed. I feel if I’m sad or disappointed, I’m able to pick myself up quickly. I had bad long term shoulder and knee pain before and it immediately halved my pain! I don’t even care if it doesn’t help my fertility, the pain reduction is enough for me to live this drug :-)

Only negative side effects are I’m thirsty more (though never drank enough before so that’s probably beneficial.) the other is my crazy dreams. So real which is fine when they’re good, but annoying when they’re not (ie massive hairy monobrow! Cheating etc!)

My doc started me on 1mg with the intention to increase to 4.5mg.

Love it :-)

25 3 / 2012

So this cycle i was pretty optimistic.

Firstly Im responding really well to the naltrexone.  Much happier and feel very level headed.  I no longer cry at everything.  I also have reduced shoulder and knee pain.  So they are great side effects! :) The only negative is my weird dreams of cheating on the hubby, having a massive thick monobrow, living in victorian times etc!

Tuesday arvo I had a scan and folli was 1.4cm. (bit too small).  Had bloods the next morning and estrogen was surging.  Positive LH test (aka OPK) that night and did the 10000u HCG trigger. Within two hours was filling very ill, but ok by thurs (just completely off all foods.)

Saturday scan to check the follicle ruptured properly…. and its still there.  BUGGER! Blood test confirmed I’m making progesterone and therefore it’s another LUF.

So progesterone pessaries for 10days, then wait a couple more days and we’re on to cycle 22…

We’re adding Letrizole next month.  3 tablets on CD2.  Hopefully this will produce a bigger follicle earlier on and I will respond better to the trigger.

13 3 / 2012

Day 8 on my first cycle after my lap! I’m excited! This could be my first real chance if I ovulate!

The action plan:
-begin naltrexone immediately.
-amoxicillin from 4days prior to ov for 6days.
-will take ‘chemist own cough mixture’ those same days
-10000unit hcg trigger as per fs instructions (going by bloods)
-o+2 ultrasound to confirm I ovulated
-hcg 2000u shots o+3, 5, 7 & 9
-bloods o+7
-allowed to test o+17… As if I can wait that long!

So I’m optimistic, which unfortunately is not always good while ttc, as it can lead to big disappointment.

I’m also concerned I’m going to feel crazy emotional on my hcg, and hoping to respond well to the naltrexone!

Wish me luck!

06 3 / 2012

Plan is to stick to the same regime, but have ultrasounds too this month and have more of a look at what’s happening.

First part of the cycle looks great. Estrogen levels couldn’t get much better. My follicle looks great and im told it will rupture on the weekend, but to come back tuesday and we’ll have a look. I mentioned that ive never had an ultrasound after ovulation before and my doctor tells me its very important to check it ruptured properly.

Went back Tuesday and the follicle was still there. Had bloods done that show I’m making progesterone and therefore the follicle is already lutenizing, even though it never ruptured or released an egg. The diagnoses is Lutenized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome (LUFS). The doc prescribes me progesterone pessaries as this will help shrink the follicle, which my normal levels won’t do well enough. I can’t take the hcg shots as this could make the follicles larger.

I also talk to the doc about having a laparoscopy. We had previously talked about how ovarian drilling would be beneficial for my pco (now officially pcos since I have 2 of 3 indicators). She speaks incredibly highly of the gyno she recommends and I make an appointment for 2 weeks later.

Napro doc also talks to me about starting low dose naltrexone but not until after surgery.