23 4 / 2012

well… another LUFS (or i ovulated) Friday night or saturday.  So my timing was bad. Bloods on saturday showed really low prog (pre ov) so im hoping i did ovulate and it was on saturday and might have a slim chance. Hoping!

My estrogen was so low that the doctor is really unhappy and im not going to use letrozole (femara) again. Im one of the 15% that doesnt respond well.. She called me “unique” ;) so no point ultrasounding to see if i did ovulate or not. I think because the egg would be bad quality with such low estrogen.

So Gonal-F it is. CD3&4.

She said there is a higher chance of multiple follicles and that i would have to not be adverse to twins (which im not) but that if there was three or more follicles she would be advising against intercourse. That would be my luck. I would ovulate 3 follies the first time i do. She really doesnt want to try clomid with me.

And also im feeling pretty good! Im thinking being sick and the hcg made me worse. I had another psych appointment today and i didnt cry at all! I hardly listened to her coz i was too busy thinking “im so cool! im not even teary! go me!” ;)

I hope all my tumbler buddies are well xx

16 4 / 2012

Im responding well to my first time on femara. A little too well as lots of follis on my right dodgy ovary and a few on my left. The good news is the biggest one is on my left! Yay! So I’m just hoping it keeps maturing nicely. Will have another scan Wednesday, then hopefully trigger Thursday.

The doctor doesnt think my flu-like symptoms are from the femara. Guess its just a coincidence. If it happens next month though I doubt I’d take it again.

16 4 / 2012

Ive been away for a week which has been nice and relaxing! I woke up looking at the ocean and fell asleep listening to the waves every night. I decided it would be an infertility free holiday and didn’t worry about it at all. It was a nice rest!

Anytime I felt anxious, I pulled some moves straight out of my new book, and quickly felt better! I even did my own needles every night without any problems! Go me!

The only shit thing is I’ve been sick the whole time. Like a really bad head cold. For 12 days now which is way too long for a cold. It did start the day I took the letrozole (femara) but I think that would have to be a coincidence..

Scan today (day 13) and hoping to see a nice folli on my left ovary! Please be there, and on my left!!!!! In fact I really hope to have two or three good ones!!!