17 4 / 2012

Grrrr!!! Positive opk 2days before the doc hoped. Had scan yesterday and folli was only 1.3 so ideal trigger would have been thurs.

Had bloods at lunch time but haven’t heard from the doc.

Just messaged doc and waiting to hear back. It’s dinner time though :-S

Ahh! So annoying!

03 4 / 2012

This is the Napro approach to fertility. I really love it as they have diagnosed what is actually wrong with me, rather than calling it unexplained infertility like the ivf clinic.

“Infertility is a symptom of underlying disease.  The diseases that cause infertility have a “two-pronged” effect.  They not only hinder the functioning of fertility, but they also cause both short and long-term health problems.  The persistent unwillingness to address infertility problems from this point of view or perspective is one of the major flaws in the current approach to the treatment of infertility.

Fertility problems also carry with them significant emotional sequelae.  This is fairly well recognized by those who work in this field and psychosocial distress  can contribute significantly to the cause of some forms of infertility.

Until 1978, most of the effort in medicine in evaluating and treating women with infertility was placed in trying to identify and treat the underlying causes.  In 1978, in vitro fertilization produced a paradigm shift.  It led to a “skipping over” the causes and this continues up to the present time to be the foundational management approach.  In essence, this is a symptomatic or Band-Aid approach to treatment, not one that gets to the root causes.  When the artificial reproductive technologies began to take hold, now over 25 years ago, diagnostic laparoscopy was in its infancy.  Hormone assessment, while available, was not readily accessible.  Ultrasound technology was still mired in sector scanning and real-time ultrasonography was not yet available.  Selective hysterosalpingography had not yet been developed and the fallopian tubes could not be catheterized.  The Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System began its first Allied Health Education Program for FertilityCare™ Practitioners (FCP) in 1978.  This means of objectively monitoring the biomarkers of the menstrual and fertility cycle was only in its beginning stages.  With the availability of the CrMS, observations of mucus patterns during the course of the menstrual and fertility cycle could be observed for the very first time.  In fact, information obtained by women charting their cycles in this fashion is unique and can only be obtained in this fashion…..”

There are a few things that could be a turn off for some people. Firstly it was started by and is based on a catholic approach. This means no ivf as a last resort, they would suggest adoption if all else fails. Since they have huge success with people with many failed ivfs, I like to think I won’t get to that point anyway :-) they’re not going to talk church while you’re in with your doc or anything.

Secondly, you might think they are not as advanced. I find this to be the exact opposite. While they arent doing ivf, they are hugely more knowledgable on a range of infertility issues. This is what stands out to me and the main thing I love. That and my doc is the most caring and professional doctor I’ve ever come across. The peace of mind this gives is worth so much to my sanity!!

Well I hope someone finds this useful in their journey. I can’t say enough good things about it. Feel free to ask any questions! x

25 3 / 2012

So this cycle i was pretty optimistic.

Firstly Im responding really well to the naltrexone.  Much happier and feel very level headed.  I no longer cry at everything.  I also have reduced shoulder and knee pain.  So they are great side effects! :) The only negative is my weird dreams of cheating on the hubby, having a massive thick monobrow, living in victorian times etc!

Tuesday arvo I had a scan and folli was 1.4cm. (bit too small).  Had bloods the next morning and estrogen was surging.  Positive LH test (aka OPK) that night and did the 10000u HCG trigger. Within two hours was filling very ill, but ok by thurs (just completely off all foods.)

Saturday scan to check the follicle ruptured properly…. and its still there.  BUGGER! Blood test confirmed I’m making progesterone and therefore it’s another LUF.

So progesterone pessaries for 10days, then wait a couple more days and we’re on to cycle 22…

We’re adding Letrizole next month.  3 tablets on CD2.  Hopefully this will produce a bigger follicle earlier on and I will respond better to the trigger.

13 3 / 2012

Day 8 on my first cycle after my lap! I’m excited! This could be my first real chance if I ovulate!

The action plan:
-begin naltrexone immediately.
-amoxicillin from 4days prior to ov for 6days.
-will take ‘chemist own cough mixture’ those same days
-10000unit hcg trigger as per fs instructions (going by bloods)
-o+2 ultrasound to confirm I ovulated
-hcg 2000u shots o+3, 5, 7 & 9
-bloods o+7
-allowed to test o+17… As if I can wait that long!

So I’m optimistic, which unfortunately is not always good while ttc, as it can lead to big disappointment.

I’m also concerned I’m going to feel crazy emotional on my hcg, and hoping to respond well to the naltrexone!

Wish me luck!

09 3 / 2012

So I was surprisingly not stressed for surgery. I had calmed down a lot and was really looking forward to it!

I woke after after surgery feeling great! The surgeon came to see me and said it was nothing but good news. He had drilled the right ovary (the side that I saw the LUFS on the previous month) but said he could see the left ovary was about the ovulate. I’m slightly skeptical about this, but we’ll see! He also said that the bottom of my uterus was too narrow and he had widened it, and that both my Fallopian tubes were completely blocked and he had fixed them!! I was wrapped!!! 3 things all fixed, assuming the drilling works :-) but of course I wouldn’t be getting pregnant with two blocked tubes!

So now I sit here, 6 days after surgery writing this blog! I’ve got a renewed optimism and feel really happy about the surgery.

I can’t wait for next month to see if we can we lucky enough to fall pregnant right away :-)

M x

06 3 / 2012

Plan is to stick to the same regime, but have ultrasounds too this month and have more of a look at what’s happening.

First part of the cycle looks great. Estrogen levels couldn’t get much better. My follicle looks great and im told it will rupture on the weekend, but to come back tuesday and we’ll have a look. I mentioned that ive never had an ultrasound after ovulation before and my doctor tells me its very important to check it ruptured properly.

Went back Tuesday and the follicle was still there. Had bloods done that show I’m making progesterone and therefore the follicle is already lutenizing, even though it never ruptured or released an egg. The diagnoses is Lutenized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome (LUFS). The doc prescribes me progesterone pessaries as this will help shrink the follicle, which my normal levels won’t do well enough. I can’t take the hcg shots as this could make the follicles larger.

I also talk to the doc about having a laparoscopy. We had previously talked about how ovarian drilling would be beneficial for my pco (now officially pcos since I have 2 of 3 indicators). She speaks incredibly highly of the gyno she recommends and I make an appointment for 2 weeks later.

Napro doc also talks to me about starting low dose naltrexone but not until after surgery.

05 3 / 2012

So i had my first appointment. The doctor was utterly brilliant. Ive never had a doctor spend such a huge amount of time with me. She genuinely listened to all my concerns, and all the information i knew about my own body. So far the other docs had not been interested in what i already knew, instead seeming kind of annoyed I thought i knew anything.

She seemed more knowledgable, not less as i had worried and said that she definately thinks we need to look into things and would have after 6mths of actively trying/charting.

I had bloods that month which did look like i ovulated bit my progesterone was quite low. Clomid would not be suitable for me as my estrogen levels had been good, but the next month we would need to boost my progesterone and my luteal phase, so would use hcg shots 2000iu on 3, 5, 7 and 9days post ovulation, then the next month, when i could visit her more often we would ultrasounds and do blood the whole month and see how im going.

M x

05 3 / 2012

While talking on the Fertilityfriend forums, someone mentioned that they had heard a bit about Napro technology and how they believe there is actually 5 different types of luteal phase defects and maybe I should see one of their doctors.

The thought of seeing a doctor who would actually find what is wrong and treat me was really exciting.

I tried to find information about napro though, and it all seemed a bit iffy to me. I just seemed like it was a group of catholics who didnt believe in ivf, who got you to chart your cycles so you had good timing.

Well i had had good timing every month so i thought that was no good, and i also wanted to be told if i really did need ivf, and thought they wouldnt do this. I hesitated for months about whether to go. eventually i booked for right before i would go back for ivf, just to check what they would say.

I shouldnt have let the lack if good quality information on the web put me off. It’s the best thing i ever did, and will still believe that even if i never have my own baby. I’ll tell you why next time!

05 3 / 2012

So its still was not happening.

The onlt thing that kept me going is that i set a date in my head of when i would go back and try IVF. (I wasnt going to last to 24mths.. but was going to go back at 18)

Having this plan in my head helped me not to worry so much from month to month. That and not actually expecting to be pregnant each month aymore.

I still felt really upset and uneasy that The next step was IVF. To me it seemed so ridiculous that it could be as simple as extending my luteal phase that would help, yet I was going to spend so much money, have huge amounts of stress and do something i felt uneasy about it order to get pregnant… hopefully.

I wanted to know WHY i wasnt getting pregnant. I had read that luteal phase defects could be a result of poor ovulation, and knew pcos is related to poor ovulation. Why wasnt anyone looking into this, and who was I to disagree with a doctor who had studies for years, as was well respected.

This uneasiness was on going and i honestly didnt feel like this would be the right path for me, but worried maybe it was just because I was nervous.

M x

05 3 / 2012

I have used this website constantly while trying to concieve. It has lots of helful information, and by charting you get to know a lot about your body. The forums are great for support.

I do find taking your temperature each morning is quite stressful. Its hard enough not to think about trying to concieve, but to wake and need to take your temp immediately is not ideal!

I recommend charting properly for a short time and using opks, and then just stick to the opks if they prove reliable.